Amazing Facts About The Largest City Hall in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the only city, where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day. This is what a famous American baseball third baseman has to say about the largest city of US. Truly, the state of Philadelphia is an amusement on its own, being the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Not only that, it is also the sixth most populated state in the US and holds a prestigious essence to its existence. The seat of the Philadelphian government has a lot of incredible facts and features that date back to the historian era. This is where stands the architectural wonder of the state, right at the center of the state. Want to know how great is this majestic monument and its significance? Here are some of the stunning features that make this structure all the more stunning and aesthetically stunning. The Largest City Hall in Philadelphia is one of them.

Structural Elegance

The majestic monument comprises an enlarged statue of William Penn measuring 37 feet long. This is to honor the founder of the province of Pennsylvania who laid the spot for this structure around two centuries prior to its establishment.

He imagined the complete planning to construct the city and also made a framework of it in the form of a grid pattern. William Penn also planned five distinct spaces for the public that includes the very popular Centre Square. One very prominent attraction of this place is also the plaque “Prayer for Philadelphia” inscribed inside the city hall.

The memorial is such that no matter from whichever side you take a glance at the building, you will find a similar side of it. Thanks to its location being right in the center of the city, that is why, every way you turn, you will find it to be in front of you.

Another reason for its huge popularity has a lot to deal with the contributions of Hollywood celebrities. Yes, you read it right! This is the exact same place where Nicolas Cage shot for his film “National Treasure”.


The August edifice took a full round of 30 years for completion and a whopping 25 million dollar was spent for the purpose. Due to its international exposure and huge recognition, it also held the title of being the world’s tallest building for 14 long years. The title was soon taken away by another significant building named, Eiffel Tower.

It was in the form of a Gentlemen’s agreement that ensured that the statue of William Penn atop of the building has to be the highest tip so that no building crown should surpass the tip of his hat. Well, that was indeed maintained for complete 100 years.

city hall in philadelphia

Massive Structure

The massive city hall of the Philadelphia also has its name inscribed as the largest municipal building. It is fully furnished and accommodates a total of 700 enormous rooms. The structure is also the greatest in terms of its spread over 14.5 acres of land

The rooms within this building comprise of offices and chambers of executives. Thus, it plays a major role in aiding to the government officials who take care of the city’s essential decisions. The executives take complete care of the governmental tasks including judicial, legislative and municipal corporates. Its greatness is such alluring that it has a number of rooms than the capitol building of the US itself.

Ornamental beautification

The eminent monument also houses more than nearly 250 sculptures. All of these were designed and created by the renowned artist Calder and his son. It also emphasized the specificity into the sculpt bodies as 9 were made of bronze. Among others, most have the primary conceptualization as clay and then gradually finished as a piece of marble creation.

Other than sculptures. it comprises of the following:

  • Swedish letters of importance
  • Nature and its beauty
  • Mythological creatures
  • Struggle between cats and mice
  • Native and early Americans

It also includes a second empire style of building design that resembles the old executive office building. It is the largest occupied state building province, taken down by the One Liberty Place in 1987.

Controversies regarding the City Hall in Philadelphia

The monument is not immune to the apparent controversies linked to it. Starting with the notion that directed towards its destruction, it was the detractors who vouched for the demolition of the building. The unpleasant scenario took place right after it was just halfway into the process of making.

Due to the huge expense that was renumbered in its cost phase, it was widely criticised. The expenses include the value of the additional sculptures serenading the building province all over its place. The oversea expenses were also calling for patronage as a turn out for political machinery aiding to the national agenda.

Another major cause of its opposition is that due to the amount of time spared for its construction. The elaborate time span called for further criticism and people called the design to be out of fashion and tasteless.

The opponents called it the “biggest and ugliest building in America”. Another reason for its call for demolition is because of the huge cost. However, the construction transcended all the reprovals and stands tall in people’s sight. It is going to last for a long time.

Reconstructive agenda for City Hall in Philadelphia

This stately building has a gigantic structure. It also called for a restoration proposal in the form of Conversation Hall in 1982. It is because of its significance as the most iconic and honored architectural structures that it is considered to be the most favorite pieces of American architecture.

The landmark building at the heart of the city has a lot to contribute to the nation’s ethnicity. Along with that, it also has a patriotic value to its name. The building also finds its place into the National Register of historic sites because of its proximity with national heritage and values.

So, here is a brief encyclopedia of the most fabulous City Hall in Philadelphia that has such a great significance to its existence. The distinctive emblem is here to enhance the virtue of the noble city with its embracing suave and charm.