5 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Dublin City Hall

If you are travelling to Ireland, you need to visit the Dublin City Hall. Admittedly, city halls are living volumes of the struggles of its citizens. In this regard, the Dublin City Hall is a stalwart. Its rich history can astonish you. If you visit this incredible structure, its memories will forever stay with you.

In case you are looking for a meaningful expedition, consider a trip here. Afterall, it is Dublin’s most prized piece of architecture. Even though travelling is mainly for your amusements, you can always optimise your experience. Therefore, read this article to know the five things you need to do while visiting Dublin City Hall.

1. Dublin City Hall – The Good Old Days

Dublin City Hall was built between 1769-1779. The Hall of Dublin was called the Royal Exchange. Inspired by the Georgian style of architecture, it was designed by designed by Thomas Cooley. Initially, it was intended for civil service. Now, it mainly serves as Dublin’s glory.

You get a historical walking tour inside the building. Inside the beautiful faults, you find an exhibition on Dublin’s marvellous yesteryears.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to see the City Council at work. However, They are currently making efforts to avail this option too. Happy? I was incredibly surprised during my visit here.

2. What was the earlier objective?

Although Dublin City Hall is now a major tourist attraction, it was initially intended for other purposes.

It was meant for businesspeople as a trade centre. This massive structure was a place for exchanging goods and services. Also, keeping the comfort of the merchants and businesspeople. A Hotel and a Customs House were constructed nearby. Also, merchants from foreign countries were given access to these facilities.  

Therefore, the Royal Exchange is a well-deserved name for this city hall. Trade skyrocketed, and Ireland’s economy grew. In case you are in Dublin, visit this place and dive into its magnificence.

3. Trade abode to City Hall- The Transition

In 1852, the building became the centre for all legal administrative works. Since then, you call it the City Hall of Dublin. You could find several governmental operations going inside the hall. However, new Civic offices came up in the year 1995 at Wood Quay.

Therefore, this Royal Exchange went through some critical historical transitions. I fact, City Council activities conducts meetings even now. Truly astonishing, right? Truly, there is no better way to understand Dublin than walking through every corner of this city hall.

4. Dublin City Hall- Location and Visiting Hours

You need to take note of the exact location and opening hours. Thousands of natives and travellers regularly come to live its rich history. Thereby, you need to plan accordingly to have a hassle-free trip.

Dublin City Hall

First, get yourself to Parliament Street. Next, you will come across a street called Street. Dublin City Hall is precisely along this street.

It remains open for the public from 10 am to around 5:15 pm every day, apart from Sunday. However, get yourself to the location quickly. Otherwise, you might have to wait around a while. Sorry, great things demand time and patience. But no money? Yes, you get a free entry.

5. Add these to your to-do list

Make sure you do the following to get the ultimate experience in the Dublin City Hall. I am telling you from my personal experience here. You will not regret this-

  • Rotunda Hall

If you are an admirer of classical and antique furniture, you need to go to the Rotunda Hall. Undeniably, it is the most beautiful part of the city hall. You can marvel at the twelve pillars surrounding the entrance. Also, you get to treat your eyes to the immaculate designs of pillars. You don’t want to miss out on this fascinating piece of history.

Out of all the exciting and magical things I saw in the Dublin City Hall, this never leaves my memory-book.

  • The Story of The Capital

To spice things up, watch the show called “The Story Of The Capital”. This media show wonderfully explores the city’s exuberant history.

This show is impactful and will help in your tour through the city hall. You can efficiently guide yourself from one corner of this magnificent structure to another.

Wondering why you need a media show to help you? To begin with, you get to know real stories of several historical events. That’s the perk of being a traveller! Only you get the privilege of priceless knowledge. Additionally, the show brings you ancient mysteries in beautiful and modern videos.

  • Be your guide

Admitted, you face difficulty touring through a foreign nation. However, there is nothing better than a self-guided trip. You get to discover and rediscover news things. I mean, I always sneak out of the guide’s sight and set out on my own for a while.

Sounds way too daring to you? Probably. However, you can best describe this as thrilling. After all, you get to decide when to go and when to stop for taking in the breathtaking scenes.

Of course, “The Story Of The Capital” helps you plan out your mini-tour. Therefore, go ahead and take an uncharted slice of Dublin with you forever.

Get Going, Fellow Hiker.

The City Hall of Dublin is a lively building painted with history. My time there has left an everlasting impression in my mind. I have been to several City Halls across the world. Admittedly, each one of them is unique in its way. While some astonish you with incredible architecture, others give you a great historical backdrop. Dublin City Hall does both for me.

If you love to travel and discover, come to Ireland. Visit its capital city and take in the magic in its air. Finally, go to the city hall and have the most meaningful time of your life. Indeed, it takes you back in time to its past glories and struggles. You get to see the city in a different yet delightful light.