Experience A Virtual Tour To Edmonton City Hall

Designed by Dub Architects, Edmonton City Hall is one of the best places to visit. It is the home of the City Council of Edmonton. It is a spectacular place to visit and it attracts millions of tourists from different countries. Located on the eastern edge of the Edmonton’s city, this place is the main attraction at Sir Winston Churchill Square. You can visit the place and do plenty of things. Simply take a tour to this place or participate in any event over here. It is open to the public so you can visit at any time, attend any City council meeting or participate in any event.

Edmonton City Hall is the landmark for the home of civic leadership. It is a gathering place for the community. Alderman Gene Dub designed this building and its architecture combines the old with the new.

Events and Activities of Edmonton City Hall

Peoples of all ages visit this place and enjoy different festivals, activities and events on all seasons over the year. Some of the events which most Edmontonians visit year round include:

  • Holiday magic (December)
  • The celebration of our Faiths Display
  • Remembrance Day Service (November 11)

Council and Committee meetings take place at regular intervals. These meetings are open to the public and thus can be attended by anyone. You need to find out and register for attending it. The main place in Edmonton is Churchill Square. It plays host to a majority of family/friends events and festivals and is located across the City Hall.  In winter, the place has an excellent scenario to enjoy. The place is well connected by transports and thus makes it easier for the travellers to take a virtual tour of this place and display the unique features of this iconic pyramid-shaped building.

Features which makes this place more attractive

Apart from the Churchill Square, there are some more places which are relevant for the Edmontonians and other people:

  • City Hall Schools
  • The City Council and Committee Meetings
  • City Fountain and Pool
  • Hallway Cafe

City Fountain and Pool- You can relax in the many seating areas nearby the fountain and cool off the excessive heat in the pool. This will be the best place to enjoy the summer season. The place is an opposite to the chilling winter season.

In the winter season, you can take a twirl outside the City Hall ice rink by strapping on some skates and wearing a helmet. You can check out the skate change room hours for further conditions and closures. It remains open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Saturdays, from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays it is available for the visitors from 11 am to 5 pm Except this, if you want any other information on the facilities which is provided over here, you can find out the information from the notification.

City Council and Committee Meetings- Depending on the schedule and the agenda,  City Council and Committee Meetings are held on a regular basis in the Council Chambers and the River Valley room of City Hall Edmonton. If you want any more information on the schedule, members and agendas of the meetings, you can check the official website for the security procedures. There you will get all the required and relevant information on the updates of the meetings or cancellation and relocation of meetings.

Edmonton City Hall

Enjoy exquisite food at the Food Corner of the City Hall

Located in the south-west corner of the City Hall, Hallway Cafe is the best place to enjoy breakfast and lunch. It is a well-established restaurant and its primary focus is on the scratch cooking methods to make fresh food every morning. From baked bread to savoury soups, all types of healthy breakfast items are available over here. They also focus on food security and sustainability in the kitchen and that’s the reason they use disposable coffee cups and straws made from renewable resources. You can enjoy a different variety of cuisine with your family at this place.

Explore City Hall Tours

The visitors can easily go and visit City hall by using the self-guided brochure of the tour. You can also book a tour with one of the tour guides of City Hall. For more information on the tour, you can visit the website. Our tour guides will help you in providing information on City Hall art, architecture, sculpture, history and many more. This will cater to your knowledge of City Hall and satisfy your needs. Knowing more about the place will raise your point of interest and you can experience a close relationship with the aura of the place.

Regardless of this, there are school tours for students for the better understanding of the working of the local government. It also offers the students an opportunity to experience what exactly happens at City Hall. Also, Public Tours are offered to peoples of all ages for catering knowledge to individual groups. Similarly, there is a special tour designed for City of Edmonton employees.

City Hall Schools- Hundreds of students from class 1 to 12 come here for a week or two. They come here to clarify their queries. They get to learn more about the municipal government here. The students receive City Hall journals and start making the connection with the themes. The teachers designed the themes to get familiar with the students.

Visit Edmonton City Hall to spend your holiday in the best way.

City Hall also has a fast hotspot for Wifi access. People can enjoy the convenience of the fast internet for free. If this article succeeds to raise your interest in the place, do visit the place and get to know the historical background of the same.

Enjoy your exclusive visit to the Edmonton City Hall and get to know about the history of its redevelopment.