Ten Interesting Facts and Figures About London City Hall

All of you must be knowing the fact that, Margaret Thatcher’s Government had dissolved the Greater London council in 1986. After that, its responsibilities to the boards comprised of members from each of the borough’s council. Again during the late 90s, Tony Blair explored the idea of the central London authority. This time the model was based on the idea of an American Mayor-council system.

The London’s City headquarters of the Greater London Authority basically comprises the Mayor and the London Assembly. The location around is very beautiful. It is situated in Southwark, that is on the south bank of the river Thames.   

With the greater London act of 1999, the formation of the new body took place. The Greater London Authority got a new home named as City Hall after two long years. It has a very attractive look. It has houses for the Mayors, numerous city departments, and the London Assembly. Here, let’s discuss some interesting and catchy facts about this municipal building of 21st century London.

Ten Interesting Facts And Figures About London’s City Hall

The ten most amazing facts and figures about London’s City Hall are as follows-

Many Numbers

This City Hall is pretty huge. It has ten floors, and that includes around 185,000 sq.ft. With 2100 tons of steelwork and 7,300 square meters of glasses, its exterior is super. So you can imagine the hard work that includes in this new building. It’s standing with a height of around 45 meters with the glass facade diameter of 45 meters. The controversy arose when the bill for washing those windows came almost £140,000 per year. This solo building includes so many numbers that can literally make people wonder.

A Familiar Building

The design of the building is pretty much familiar to the Gherkin. But there is nothing strange in this fact and you can’t even call it a coincidence. Both of the buildings were the planning of the Architect Norman Foster. So now you know why both of them look so similar, and why there are so many glasses are existing in both of the plans.

There’s Nothing In the Name

The American Structure of the Greater London Authority inspired the British Government so much that they have taken the initiative to establish a similar kind of building with much more efficiency. The bloated structure of this building is automatically leading people to compare it with a car headlamp, a fencing mask, and an ashtray.

And that’s probably the reason that the nicknames of the City Hall are ‘The Onion’, ‘The Snail’ and many more strange names. But as I mentioned, there is nothing in the name.

Amazing Spiraling Outlook

London City Hall has an amazing spiral shape that moves from the ground floor to the upper floors. You can attend the assembly meetings when the assembly session is going on. Therefore, this ascent clearly looks like a flight on the London Eye. Anyway, the spiraling walkway of the City Hall is definitely something to appreciate.

London City Hall

The Scoop

There is a sunken amphitheater outside the City Hall as “The Scoop”. It generally opens during the summer months for any performance. So the architect has created all the arrangements inside the City Hall for entertainment and fun. This is pretty much cool for the general public.

An Open Government

Because of the glasses and the open structure of the building, the assembly members complained that the architecture was too open for separate political parties. Though they were about to execute an alternative building plan, they didn’t really come up with anything like that.  There are four parties comprising the representatives of the London Assembly.

Cost Is The Factor

London City Hall is not a property of the Greater London Authority. It is operating on a lease of twenty-five years that costs around £43 million. This cost factor is creating the most interesting aspect of this City Hall building.

Hiring The Government

London’s Living Room is the top level venue space that is strictly for hire to different organizations and private events at a rate of £5,000 per night. The living room other than the charity events & corporate events, the living room was accessible for all party works following the premium of the film minority report.

57 Entries

In the content for the city mall, there are approximately fifty-seven entries before Lord Foster’s design took place.

Being Green is Pretty Easy

City Hall has some exciting features in keeping the trend to have more efficient government buildings. The features help to reduce the power consumption. A Solar panel in the roof, using cold water instead of the refrigerator are the main features of the City Hall. Another specialization of the hall is its spherical form which helps to reduce consumption of energy. Natural Ventilation and self-shading property help to let in the fresh air.

It is one of the most beautiful tourist spots along with all the amazing facts and designs. Its fantastic features attack the most. One must visit the London City Hall because the beauty cannot be described in words. If you visit the London City, you will get an excellent experience.  

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