Top 17 Tourist Places to Hang Out in San Francisco

The beauty of San Francisco in North America has a tagline attached to it. It gives a new meaning to life. The line holds true in every sense. Are you planning to check out the Californian beauty? Then you are on the right page. This blog shows you top 17 Tourist Places to look in San Francisco.

What’s best in San Francisco?

San Francisco is the center of attraction of California. It has a rich cultural heritage, a vintage Golden Gate bridge, a catchy fish bay, the famous Chinatown. People all over the world book their tickets to fly to this miniature “Paris of the west”. Once you place your feet in the soothing San Francisco Bay, all your worries will be gone. Read further to gain insights into the fog city.

Top 17 Tourist Destinations In San Francisco

What’s the best Tourist places in San Francisco? It has so much to tell you. Since antiquity, authors have flogged around the city and its walls. Authors like Mark Twain, Jack London Serve the best examples. Here are top 17 tourist Places to hang out in San Francisco.

  • One of the instagrammable spots in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. Since 1933, this 85-year-old bridge did not lose its beauty for even a single day. People gather to click pictures and build memories. Do not miss out the sunset on the flyover overlooking entire California. You can walk or ride and find suitable places to click pictures.
  • The infamous Alcatraz island comes second in the list which you should visit. Once a prison convicting thousands of criminals, it is ceased back in the 1960s. Later on, it developed as a recreational place for every tourist visits. Take a ferry from the dock and see the uncanny prison with your eyes.
  • A tourist cannot miss the celebrities he gushes upon. You will be shocked to discover stars passing through Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. These wax models will make you go awe with the wax statues. You are likely to see little Italy and China while roaming around the city of   Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Ghirardelli Square- In relation to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ghirardelli Square is another eye-catching destination.  Once a factory area, it underwent reconstruction. Now, it hubs restaurants, shopping areas and a pretty famous chocolate zone. For all the chocoholics and performers, this locale will give a mesmerizing experience.

Far away from the madding crowd

  • Tram rides and cable cars are still in fashion for localities in San Francisco. Hop around in French-inspired transports and make a quick glance to Powell-Mason, Powell-Hyde, Lombard Street to enjoy the enthralling San Francisco.
  • The Californian Academy of Sciences along with Steinhart Aquarium and Kimball Natural History Museum gives an insight to the history of the fog city along with the forest reserve it holds. This multi-dimensional museum is listed as “green” by the scientists. It has vast information about scientific inventions done in North America.
  • The Steinhart Aquarium and Kimball Natural History Museum hold specimens of plants and animals including pre-historic ones. Do not miss out on the array of the exhibition on the pole. You can walk around the Golden Gate Park and check them one by one.
  • The lush golf course in Lincon Park is favorite among the sports enthusiasts. If you are a thrill-loving person, visit the cliffs in the Land’s End Trail. Here you can hike as much as you want with no regrets.
  • Legion of Honor is the museum made in memory of Palais de la Légion d’Honneur in Paris. It is a host of various arts and crafts. It has over 1000 paintings.

Other tourist attractions

  • San Fransisco gets her fair share of wine from the valleys of Sonoma and Napa. Near these valleys, one can trek or stay to enjoy the comfortable climate. Considering the number of people, the rate of hotels will fit in your budget.
  • Angel Island State Park can be your destination if you are in love with the climate of the place. Just land to Pier 41 and take a ferry. Its available since early morning. The scenery is just unimaginable. I love adventure, move to Mount Caroline Livermore for a surreal experience.
  • If art and recreation is your only aim, please stop by the Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate National Recreational Recreation Area (GGNRRA). Enjoy a classic cup of tea at vintage Historic Place and a sumptuous meal at the chains of restaurants all around the bay.

Basic Considerations for the Tour-

  1. San Francisco has a lot to offer you but there are few things you should keep in mind as a traveler. Though the climate is comfortable, it can get chilly at night. The months of March, April & May are good for exploring the vast richness of bay.
  2. The hotel range varies. You can book a hotel during the tour packaging that your agency provides you with. Or, you can also book a hotel after you reach the destination. However, prior confirmation of the hotel is better since visitors come at any point in time. From luxury suites to single hostel rooms you will everything in your budget.
  3. Do not compromise with food. Restaurants in San Francisco come with all in one buffet and cuisine line up. One will find Chinese, Italian, Spanish foods with a twist. The food trucks found in every street is a hunger savior. If your budget is limited, try the lip-smacking fries at affordable prices.
  4. Cruising the bay is necessary. Take a day off and roam around the town in spacious ships. It holds 1000 people at a time and you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset for a day. A prior booking is a must.
  5. Move out of the city if you have time. Visit Redwoods and other forest reserves.

Just pack your bags and uncover the explorer inside you. Visit San Francisco become the part of the “City that knows how”. I hope you love the article. For further queries, please comment and feel free to ask.

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