10 Most Beautiful City Halls in the US : Exotic Places To Visit

City halls are the regional chief administrative hall of the state or local government. The location of the halls is in the downtown of the city. It is the cultural and physical core of the city. This place caters to the urban centres which mark an area of citywide celebrations and protests. The city halls are the ultimate appealing structure of the city. Most of the city halls in the United States of America are of historic stature. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia have aesthetic features inside as well as outside the city hall. However, cities like Boston and Dallas have modern styles of architecture for their City halls.

In the recent days, new city halls are being established and visitors witness the ways in which government structures are excelling. Eco-friendly conveniences are utilised, some have new glass structure, other are having limestone buildings. The Art Deco and French Renaissance describe the city and the ideals on which these halls were built.

Let us take you on a tour of the 10 best City halls in America

Buffalo City Hall

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Built in 1931,  it is one of the largest and tallest city halls in the country. Deitel, Wade and Jones were the ones who complete this structure. The theme of this particular city hall is industrial along with symbolic features and ornamental designs. The architects of the Buffalo city hall wanted to use steel, stone and glass just like the Greeks. So, you can find the essence of a Greek structure at the main entrance itself. This city hall portrays the practicality of the structure. For example, the windows are made in such a way that they turn indoors. This exact way facilitates washing the windows and keeping it clean becomes easy.

Austin City Hall

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It is presumed that town halls or city halls are shaped in grand structures with historic authenticity. The design is by Antoine Predock Architects. It is a modern and new age building. It uses the horizontal lines to have a pleasant view for the city people.  Ultimately, it started working in the year 2004. The raw materials used were Texas limestone, glass, copper and water. Consequently, this city hall gets the name ‘City’s living room’.

Boston City Hall

After two grand towers, comes America’s ‘ugliest city hall’. Kallmann, McKinnell & Knowles have built the city hall. These people were the professors of Columbia who won an international award for designing civic hub. These people chose an extremely brutalist architecture. It is a geometric design with blocks all over. In a country where city halls are of such beauty, a design like this needs a lot of courage to be flaunted. For this reason, Boston city hall is on the list of the best city halls in America.

Los Angeles City Hall

The design was completed by John Parkinson, John C. Austin and Albert C. Martin, Sr. It is a 32 storey building centrally located in the city of Los Angeles. It is an imposing core tower building. The city hall is made up of sand from California’s 58 countries. There is an open-air observatory at the 27th floor. It still remains the tallest building in Los Angeles since 1964.

Milwaukee City Hall

Costing $1 million, it received an extended fund of $66 million for renovation in the year 2008. Furthermore, it displays Flemish Renaissance Architecture. From 1855-1899, this city hall held the name of the tallest building. Located in the downtown area, the flooring of the hall is of Mosaic and marble.

San Jose City Hall

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It seems to be the most expensive city halls in the entire country and catches the eye of the public with its modern design. The structure was built by Richard Meier and inspired by architect Le Corbusier’s work. It was opened in the year 2005 and cost around $343 million. It is located at the centre with 18 storeys, basement parking and plaza. A transparent domed entry is the main attraction.

Some older City halls :

New York City Hall

The New York City Hall is the oldest city hall in the country. It is still the office of the native government work. Situated in the focal location at the Lower Manhattan, the structure displays Old American Georgia and the essence of the French Renaissance. Moreover, with the quintessential design and function, it remains the most cherished city halls in the country. French reminisces is visible through its arched window panes, iconic pillars and staircase which is both grand and formal.

San Francisco City Hall

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Let us introduce you to the oldest city hall in America. San Francisco city hall was the largest building situated in the western part of the country but damaged in the 1906 earthquake following a fire outburst. The government decided to build a new city hall for which there was severe competition to get a secure design. Arthur Brown Jr and John Bakewell Jr. won the proposal and went on to make chockablock classic design elements for the building. They used a portico and Doric colonnades. The new building revived in 1915.

Philadelphia City Hall

Finally, we have the largest municipal building, presumably bigger than the US Capitol. Possessing about 14.5 acres of horizontal section and designed by French Second Empire style, it took more than 30 years to build the structure,  finally opened in 1901. Supposed to be the tallest building. By the time of its completion, the Eiffel Tower already made a grand entry.

The features and aesthetics of the building make it an ideal place for marrying.

Apart from all the city halls, America has a city hall in the most happening city in the world. It is none other than Las Vegas.

Las Vegas City Hall

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In the year 2012, a very recent entry into the forum of city halls was the Las Vegas city hall. It was the plan behind revitalising the downtown area of the city. It is made up of glass, metal and steel along with an eco-friendly style that consists of 33 solar trees. These trees provide cool shade for the main entrance while generating energy. The building has horizontal bands from Black Canyon. 

These were the major and best city halls of US. Keep following us for more updates.