Freelancers Back Schneiderman And Three Dozen Others In Bid To Build Political Influence

With 14 primary endorsements and another 25 general election endorsements to be released on Wednesday, the Freelancers Union is hoping to continue building itself into a political force. “We always say that our mission is to have power in markets and power in politics,” said Sara Horowitz, the founder and executive director of the 80,000-member … Read more

Cuomo’s Answers To Advocates’ Policy Questionnaires Can Sometimes Be Hard To Find

Though he will be attending the reception before the Empire State Pride Agenda’s dinner Thursday night, Andrew Cuomo will not be joining Gov. David Paterson, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (who is delivering remarks) at the dinner itself. That is not the only way that the Democratic nominee has split … Read more

As ACORN Fades, Its Successor’s Political Clout May Grow

Now that ACORN is shuttering its headquarters and splintering into dozens of different grassroots groups, its leaders across the country and in New York are doubling down on the very thing that has antagonized its conservative critics.“Organizing, organizing, organizing,” said former ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, standing on the steps of City Hall on a rainy … Read more

For Bloomberg, Homelessness Becomes A Political Liability

At a joint hearing this month on the city’s decision to revoke 3,000 federal housing vouchers for needy families, members of three different City Council committees took turns grilling Bloomberg administration officials on why the money disappeared and what could be done to replace it.Homeless Commissioner Robert Hess, sitting alongside his counterparts at the Housing … Read more

Candidates No Longer Personally Liable For Wasting Matching Funds, Thanks To New Court Decision

Get those checkbooks ready: big bonuses for campaign consultants, post-election shopping sprees or even as many victory and thank-you parties as can be scheduled can now be paid for out of taxpayer-provided matching funds with impunity, thanks to a court ruling last week. Through the last election cycle, any candidate whose campaign was determined to … Read more

Unions Prepare For “Irony” Of Cuomo Warchest They Helped Build To Be Used Against Them

Last week, Andrew Cuomo announced that he was prepared to spend the $4 million left in his campaign warchest—and raise more, if necessary—to push back against the unions and other special interests who may oppose his agenda when he takes over as governor. “I understand the argument that they are going to make,” Cuomo said … Read more

Detailing Harassment, Massa Claims Democratic Conspiracy Forced Exit

In his final weekly radio show on Sunday morning, Rep. Eric Massa for the first time detailed the events he believes led to the sexual harassment complaint against him that prompted his resignation from Congress, announced on Friday, but effective Monday afternoon. Massa, a Democrat, also accused House Democratic leadership of conspiring to remove him … Read more

Meet Your New Member: Margaret Chin

Early morning on Sept. 16, Margaret Chin trudged to a subway stop in Lower Manhattan to greet commuters on their way to work. As she passed out campaign literature, some passers-by might have wondered why Chin was even bothering. After all, Chin had been the toast of a raucous party the night before celebrating her Democratic primary … Read more