Stunning Facts To know About Buffalo City Hall, New York!

Buffalo City Hall, New York is one of the finest Art Deco gems in the world. It is the second largest city in New York and one of the most populous cities in the US. It provides you with a 360-degree view of the Queen City. Crowning the city at a height of 378 feet on the western side of Niagara Square, John Wade designed the new City Hall with the assistance of George Dietel.

The stunning building of 20th century adds glory to the city with its gorgeous Art Deco buildings, fascinating history, thriving art scene and recent renaissance of neighborhoods. Standing at 398 feet, it is one of the largest municipal office buildings in the US as well as in western New York.

The story of past and future

In 1801, the city of Buffalo was only a village. By 1901, the city gradually prospered with extensive transportation system by means of shipping, railroads and the invention of electricity. By 1931, it eventually developed as a center of tourism. To accommodate this growth, architects built this new City Hall at the foot of Niagara Square.

Given these points, the people considered it as a gift to many diverse groups of people who helped the city to prosper. The shape of the building has a crown modeled after the headdress of an Indian chief. In addition, the decorative elements adorn the structure outside and have a sentiment attached to the history of the city. The frontier of the building faces the Niagara Square. It features a frieze indicating the industries and activities which led to the development of the city.

A pioneer in architecture and skyscraper

The designers and architects who created the City Hall had a deep understanding of Native American history and culture. The main lobby is designed after a longhouse. The center ceiling panel features an intricate design that resembles an Indian chief’s headdress to a great extent. With the expansion in mind, Wade and his team strategically designed the building with the emerging population growth.

Before the invention of an air conditioner, architects were clever enough to recognize the importance of heating and cooling system of the building. To that end, City Hall was exclusively designed with a winding system of air shafts in order to pump the winds into the building coming off from Lake Erie.

The stunning construction

City Hall is the tallest municipal office building in Buffalo since its construction stage. It has 32 stories, out of which 26 offer usable office space. The total floor area consumes 566, 313 sq feet of space. There are eight elevators to the 13th floor and four to the 25th floor. It has 5000 electrical outlets, 5400 electrical switches, and 21 motor driven ventilation fans. Equipped with 375 telephones and a master switchboard, the building has a practical design feature allowing all the windows to open inward. It eliminates the need for window washers completely.

buffalo city hall

Eye-catching features and systematized planning of the City Hall

One of the striking features of Buffalo City Hall is that it is well built with a non-powered air-conditioning system in order to take advantage of the prevailing winds from Lake Erie. In addition, large vents were used on the west side of the building to maintain the flow of wind to the basement. The systemized planning of transportation systems and close proximity to Lake Erie propelled the growth of the city. It provided an abundance of fresh water and opened a trade route to the US.

Enchanting view of the Niagara Falls

There is a free observation deck located on the 28th floor. It allows you to take a spectacular view of the Niagara Falls and Buffalo Central Terminal. In addition, it offers you to grab a 360-degree view of the Queen City from the deck itself. Developed in 1932, City Hall is an Art Deco masterpiece with outstanding morals in the grand lobby.

Second most populated city in New York

When it comes to the second most populous city in New York, it is undoubtedly Buffalo, after Albany. It has almost close to a million people in the metropolitan area but only about 261000 in the city center itself. Buffalo is a big city to provide you with a wide range of entertainment, restaurants, and bars followed by other amusements.

buffalo city hall

The inaugural site of Theodore Roosevelt

It is worth interesting to know an inauguration that didn’t take place in Washington. Roosevelt was sworn in Buffalo as because President William McKinley was shot while visiting the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in the city. After McKinley death, Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. The beautifully restored mansion combines old and new architectures by displaying exhibits from the Pan-American Exposition. It offers some fantastic features that make it interesting to learn more about the events surrounding it.

Huge Waterfront that grabs attention

Although Niagara Falls is the main source of attraction for travel and tourism, Buffalo’s tourism is primarily dependent on historical attractions and outdoor recreation. Located at the confluence of Buffalo, Niagara and Lake Erie, the city’s vibrant waterfront is a striking beauty that witnessed a big renaissance in the past few years. Not only it offers a range of walkaways and restaurants, but also offer various fun activities throughout the summer. Alternatively, you can avail of a historic river cruise to view the massive grain elevators.

The strategic location that led to prosperity

Buffalo is located in a strategic location on the Erie Canal which fostered its growth. As a matter of fact, the city emerged as a major transportation hub and afforded famous architects of that era in order to create a model city to be admired by others. Due to its accessibility and amazing architectural designs, Buffalo city flourished within a short span of time.

The rich cultural heritage of the city created a range of ethnic festivals but Gay Pride Festival is noteworthy among others. In addition, there are several other recurring festivals and events that occur throughout summer.

In a word, Buffalo City Hall is one of the striking masterpieces of the US. With the propelling development in architecture together with a booming population, it is now a major center of travel and trade.