Top 12 Wonderful City Halls Of America – Take a Look

Indeed, City Halls are symbolic of a city’s legacy. As citizens, these are your prized possessions. Admittedly, you feel incredibly proud while showing off your city halls to your non-native friends. It speaks volumes of your nation’s rich cultural history and the struggles your ancestors faced. Since I am a travel-junkie, I am always keen to dive deep into a city’s memories of the good old days. My personal favorites are the daring and diverse city halls of America.

In case you are planning to visit America anytime soon, make sure you go to these stunning beauties. You will be thrilled. Thereby, I bring to you my Top 12 Breathtaking City Halls Of America.

1. The Austin City Hall

Truly, the Austin City Hall is the living textbook of the city’s magnificent glory. It is a perfect example of the technical precision of architecture. Also, it reflects the collaborative and informal community that Austin boasts.City Halls of America

Austin City Hall is made up of copper, glass, and limestone. Adding to the eco-friendly value, it also made use of recycled goods. You will be surprised to know the massive cost that went into making the structure.

A staggering $56.6 million. In 2004 they completed the construction.

Additionally, it has a gold LEED certification. Of course, you deserve a medal for being energy efficient, especially if its a building.

2. The Dallas City Hall

Famous architect I.M. Pei designed this beauty. Arguably, this is one of the most amazing structures in the city. Finally, in 1978, the public could view it.

Costing a staggering $70 million (and deservingly so), the Dallas City Hall has an unusual shape of an inverted pyramid. Also, it’s underground garage houses over 1500 cars. The structure was a symbol of hope and power for the citizens. It was built after the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Owing to the building, the people somewhat overcame the depression.

3. Buffalo’s City Hall

The Great Depression is the saddest episode in history. Thanks to the Buffalo City Hall, the citizens found some solace. The structure cost a massive $6.8 million. They completed the construction in the year 1931. The building is 32 stories high. Additionally, you find an office area of over half a million square feet. Undeniably, the Buffalo City Hall autographs the city’s past and present. In case you are visiting America, you must check out this big and beautiful design.

4. Denver’s City and County Building

Denver's City and County Building

The building took over 30 years for completion.  Established in 1932, it is the heart of the city. Also, it is the cultural center of Denver.

Interestingly, the building aligns with the State Capitol, an intricate yet beautiful example of architecture.

If you are an admirer of history and its wonders, do visit Denver’s most striking building.

5. The Los Angeles City Hall

Don’t you love Los Angeles? I have a special place in my heart for this city and its people. If you do too, the Los Angeles City Hall is your building of affection. For sure.

los angles city hall

The Empire States building is the most famous structure in the world. However, Los Angeles City Hall comes a close second. You can find this building in several movies and sitcoms. Remember the scenes from Seinfeld? Or Friends?

Established in 1928 with granite and terra cotta exterior, the building is mainly composed of concrete.

6. Milwaukee’s City Hall

Constructed in the year 1895, it cost over $1 million. You might think it’s meager. But look at the timeline- 1895. That’s massive. On the other hand, it had a $66 million renovation work in 2006.

The Flemish Renaissance inspired the idea and design. The city hall boasts of a marble and mosaic flooring. Also, a highly overpriced open atrium.

If you are anywhere near Milwaukee, get yourself to this National Historic Landmark. Indeed, a magnificent result human effort.

7. The New York City Hall

new york city hall

Completed in 1811, the New York City Hall is the biggest in the nation. Interestingly, it is an excellent fusion of two styles: French Renaissance and American Georgian. In my personal opinion, this is indeed one of the best.

You can find an excellent collection of paintings. Many of them are timeless masterpieces. If you are in America, make sure you visit lower Manhattan for this.

8. Pasadena, Calif

The famous architect, Andrea Palladio of the 16th century, inspired the design. Also influenced by the Renaissance style, the structure was established in 1927.

Indeed, it represents the City Beautiful Movement. It changed the architecture and urban town planning in a significant way.

The building enjoyed a massive renovation in the year 2007 at an extraordinary price of $80 million.

9. Philadelphia City Hall

city hall in philadelphia

Do you anyone from this beautiful city? If you do, you’d know what The Philadelphia City Hall means to the people. When it was falling apart, the citizens affirmed its recovery at a hefty price of $80 million.

It owns the status of being the largest municipal building in America. Also, happens to be the highest-reaching masonry building in the world.

10.Salt Lake City and County Building

Considerably overpriced, the structure saw completion in 1894. It was built as a non-Mormon enemy of the Salt Lake Temple. Hence, it faced a lot of controversies in the initial years.

Inspired by the unique Richardsonian Romanesque style, the city hall embodies over 100 rooms. And, the major construction component is sandstone.

I have a huge respect for this building. Against all controversies and disapproval, it now stands with glory.

11. The San Francisco City Hall

Indeed, the San Francisco City Hall is the cultural hub of the city. Inspired by the unusual yet striking Beaux Art style, it was completed in the year 1915.

It is highly symbolic of the City Beautiful Movement and completely changed the face of America. The structure comprises a beautiful dome which happens to be the fifth largest in the world ranking.

12. San Jose, Calif

San Jose City Hall is relatively new. Built very recently in 2005, it got inspiration from the French architect Le Corbusier. He had a very expensive yet stylish sense of design.

san jose city hall

It cost a well-deserved $343 million and is the most upscale structure in America. Fascinated enough?

The eco-friendly parts of the building include natural lighting and shading. However, the structure faced a lot of controversies due to its construction and maintenance costs.

Dive into the big bold and beautiful.

The memories of these City Halls of America still astonish me. I can never get over their beauty and the inspiring stories around them. Afterall, it is also a living storybook of its people. What better way to know a country than diving into its past glory and present honor?

So my beloved pilgrims put on Coldplay’s ‘Adventures of a lifetime’ and fill up your traveling journal.