Visit the Minneapolis City Hall Building: Take a Free Tour of History

Minneapolis City Hall building is a perfect place for you to visit if you are a history buff. The spectacular Gothic architecture gives immense pleasure, especially to the architecture fans. If you have plans to visit the Minneapolis City, then the City Hall is worth a stop in the town. Anyone can feel the unavoidable impact of history in the building. With the marble work and the rich wood interior, it looks nothing less than an ancient European castle. If you are going to visit

the place for the first time, then you will surely stop there for a couple of hours.

Everything in the building is beautifully preserved. The building is sometimes very gloomy and dingy irrespective of the time of your visit. During the day, it seems to be more mysterious. On that note, do you have any idea how it would feel to be in the building especially at night?

All in all, it sounds really thrilling. Therefore, just go through this article to know unknown facts about the Minneapolis City Hall building.

Fascinating architecture:

The Minneapolis City Hall building is eminent worldwide because of its marvelous architecture. It’s worth taking a tour inside the pristine building. The marble staircase is really captivating. Besides, in the atrium, you will get to see the splendid and prestigious statues of Mississippi and the Father of Waters. The Father of Waters was claimed as the largest piece of marble when constructed. In the lobby, there is a huge statue of Neptune.

Father ofWaters Minneapolis City Hall

The absolutely stunning stain glasses adds more beauty and lends a breathtaking look to the building. We mostly recommended visitors to go inside the tunnels in case they want to witness more amazing displays. Most of the travelers report that the experience is like an irresistible urge to go and visit the building once more. There are several floors inside the building and it might take a couple of hours to complete a tour. It’s the main center of attraction and has a lasting historical impact upon the visitors.

How many of you can guess the age of the famous Minneapolis City Hall? It was built 125 years ago. We have some interesting facts to disclose to you about the Minneapolis City Hall.

9 Funny Facts About the Minneapolis City Hall building

  1. The actual anniversary date is quite bizarre: The making of the building started in 1887. But the cornerstone was placed in the year of 1891. The cornerstone is laid 30 feet above the ground level. This is something strange and baffles the minds of the visitors.
  2. Fossils in the walls: In the entrance, you will notice some amazing shapes and structures on the wall. It is visible, especially on the pink walls. While walking through the 5th street passageway, you can notice the fossils more clearly.
  3. Green stained windows: The green tinted windows is not a matter of joke. It is basically an indication that the council members have appeared. Even when the windows were neat and clear, the council members used to appear greenish on the television screen.
  4. The nameplate misspellings: In the Minneapolis City Hall building, the nameplates look very awkward. There are misspellings everywhere, but it’s not. : The actual truth is that back in time they used to substitute the ‘U’ by ‘V’.
  5. They used to play the bell tower by hand. It’s really funny that a man used to go up 400 steps to play the bell tower. Well, now the situation is quite better. The team of Tower Bell Foundation plays the bells by means of a keyboard.
  6. The haunted fifth floor of the building. Everyone is aware of the spirit of John Moshik. He was a criminal and therefore he got his punishment in the building itself.
  7. Identify the 41 faces:  Carved into the marbles are 41 faces. The faces are famous as well as grotesque. It’s quite interesting to find all the 41 faces inside the marble on the ground floor are close to the elevator.
  8. Green rooftop: There is a green rooftop at the building. It is home to a swarm of bees.
  9. At the time of the building’s construction, single women used to scratch their names on the wall in order to seek attention from the single men. Women wrote their names on the tiles. Miss Lillian Cross is a name still present on the wall on the third floor of the building.

People with a great interest in history and architecture, must visit this place and explore the historic and equally interesting site.