Top 10 Places one should never miss on a tour to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the largest city in the U.S. is a historic place to visit. The town has numerous unusual attractions which make it popular among the tourists all over the world. The place renders the memories of the history of the US. Whether your point of interest lies in exhibiting the timeless scenes of the past or enhancing the fine arts, this place surprises you with its amazing surrounding. This place has noteworthy museums with a remarkable collection of impressionist art. Here, you will not just get to see the history of the United States but will also find loads of fun things to do. When you are in Philadelphia for the first time, there are ten things that you must not miss.

1. Visit Liberty Bell

Philadelphia liberty hall

This place is the international symbol of independence for the Americans. It was previously used to call meetings for Pennsylvania Assembly. But at present, this center offers video presentations on different languages which helps you in getting detailed information on Bell’s history. Visiting all the year round is free. Don’t forget to visit as it is one of the must-see places for the visitors.

2. Independence Hall

independence hall

If you have visited the Liberty Bell and if you are interested in historical events, you can’t miss visiting the Independence Hall. This Georgian style building with red bricks wall is flooded with the memories of independence. This was the place where the Constitution of the US was debated, drafted and signed. Independence Hall is the place where you can see some surviving copies of the Constitution and the Declaration. 

3. Philadelphia Museum Of Arts

museum of art

Apart from the exhibits, the place holds importance because of the timeless view of the Rocky mountain. It is a must-see for the visitors as it is modeled on ancient Greek temples. This place has an impressive collection of costumes, photography and contemporary work. But it is recommended to decide and plan your day before exploring the place as the volume of work is too much.

4. The Cheesesteak of Philadelphia

The Philly Cheese-steak is the most famous food in the city, and no one can doubt the savory dishes. These are mouthwatering sandwiches that are made from thinly sliced or chopped steak with your choice of cheese and fried onion. All of this is served on a hoagie roll. All you have to do is tell them your cheese choice and your preference with onions. Your order is placed just like that. And for the best food, you must have it from the best cook. Get your cheesesteak from Geno’s Steaks or Pat’s King of Steaks

5. Reading Terminal Market

reading treminal market

If there is a paradise for food lovers, it’s here. This market is the indoor heaven for those who love food. It is a one-stop shop for everything. You can buy everything from meat, local produce, dessert and artisanal cheese. It also has a seating arrangement where you can sit and enjoy food from over 30 restaurants. These restaurants represent many ethnicities like Greek, Indian, Thai, Mexican, etc. This place is located beneath the 1891 train shed of Reading railroad and harbors over 100 vendors.  

6. Benjamin Franklin Parkway

It is known as the most artistic mile of America and is modeled after the Paris’ Champs Elysees. The Barnes Foundations, The Rodin Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and many more of such most important cultural institutions of the city are housed here. Your trip isn’t complete if you haven’t visited here.

7. City Hall

This is the not just the largest municipal building in the United States but also the most spectacular piece of architecture. It is a treasure and has been the home of the government of Philadelphia for over a century. South Broad Street gives one of the most phenomenal views of the City Hall.

8. The Italian Market At South 9th Street

italian market

This South 9th Street Italian Market is the oldest continuous outdoor market of the nation. The fourth and fifth generation merchants showcase fresh fruits and vegetables on the iconic curb-side stands. The market is dominated by the Italian vendors, yet you can find vendors from all over the world. You can get loads of exotic ingredients to take home.

9. Schuylkill  River Boathouse Row

This place is a national historic landmark consisting of 10 beautiful boathouses. These boathouses are associated with rowing ever since the 19th century and are situated at the bank of Schuylkill River. The boat clubs in these boathouse rows have produced Olympic Champions. While taking a stroll at Kelly drive path, take a close look at the place. And if you want to see its real beauty, head over at night. You will see glittering lights that frame the boathouse and the river reflecting the image.

10. LOVE Park

The LOVE park with Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in John F. Kennedy Plaza is one of the best-known landmarks of the city of Brotherly Love. Take a picture here and then make time to visit the Sister Cities Park. There you can see the bilingual reinterpretation of AMOR Sculpture which is equally impressive.

Summing up the place

Apart from these places, you can also visit Please Touch children’s museum and Philadelphia zoo. Then, there is the national museum of American Jewish history and the castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary. You can also visit the Mutter Museum, Rittenhouse Square, and Masonic Temple. The list is endless.

No matter how many places you see, there will always be more places to visit. There can be situations when you will feel you haven’t spent enough time appreciating the wonders. Philadelphia is a magical place which holds the history of the mighty United States in its heart.

It is a place of cultural importance and houses the heritage of the nation. So, when you are in Philadelphia for the first time, don’t miss visiting these ten places. You will be amazed at how beautiful these places are. You would want to come again soon. And when you do, live its history like it was your own.